Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Favorite "Cash Machine" Speaker

Who is the best public speaker in the world? I’m already committed to Don Hutson. But I still have all my category favorites.

One of those categories is “Cash Machine.” That means the ability to speak and then sell like a mad man or woman from the front.

My favorite in this category is Phil Town, the bestselling author of Rule #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week! and now Payback Time: Making Big Money is the Best Revenge.

Town is a stock market investing expert.

He also speaks to arena-size audiences in major seminar events like Peter Lowe’s “Get Motivated” program. Crowds are typically around 15,000 (up or down).

Most often he finishes off his hour long speech by selling a software program that helps investors pick winning stocks. As I recall, the cost is about $500 for the software and six months of subscription to the online tools runs another $500.

That’s a thousand dollar ticket.

It appeared to me that he closed at least 20% of his audience. (I don’t know for sure.) But the math is pretty exciting any way you look at it, , , 20% would be around 3,000 takers or about 3,000,000 Buckeroos.

Maybe I was wearing rose-green sunglasses the last time I saw him and it was only half that many takers, , , that’d be a mill and a half of revenue for his hours work. Anyway you cut it, , , Phil Town knows how to make the cash register ring!

If you ever get the chance to hear Town do his entertaining and educational thing, don’t miss it. Here's a video of his opening stories.

Oh yes, at one time a few years ago, he was doing this two or three times a week, , , maybe more.

And he’s not the only person on Planet Earth that is doing it. I know in the internet marketing world that Armand Moran and Stephen Pierce have each sold nearly a million dollars worth of products after one single presentation.

Why am I telling you this stuff? And, what in the world does what Phil Town does have to do with visual aid design and use?

Because Town’s lead story is so powerful.

Once a white-water rafting guide on the Colorado River, , , He grabs his audience attention with one of his choice rafting stories.

Draw and draw and draw (as I recommend), , , or, , , play on PowerPoint ‘til your eyeballs pop, , , but you’ll never create a better visual aid than one like Phil Town’s opening rafting story.

Stories (watch my lips) are potentially the best visual you will ever use!

But don’t take my word for it. Watch his video, , , and then tell me I’m full of it. Or, even tell me that you can’t tell a story just as compelling as Phil Town’s.

And so add Signature Storytelling to your "visual aids you can use tomorrow," file. It is imparitive that you get yourself a few poweerful "signature stories."


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