Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exactly How You Should Use a Visual Aid

StomperNet has just added Melanie Benson Strick to their prestigious faculty. Her field of expertise is staff building.

She was just featured in a highly informative video that you won’t want to miss. See it at (As long is it's still available online.) (OPS, it's only an audio track now. More of Melanie coming soon.)

Melanie is speaking about StomperNet’s latest project, the Virtual Team Building System.

In her introductory video, she features a little graphic she calls the On-time Results Model. It is as simple as a visual aid can be, yet it packs three profound principles anyone wishing to build there own productive team can put into immediate use.

She presents this incredible little model on a single 8½ by 11 piece of paper.

I’ve enhanced this visual aid with the help of PowerPoint (shown here). But, let me make this point very clear: I have not improved the actual content at all. Only it’s general appearance. In it's primitive form, it's still an incredible communication tool.

Also shown on today’s blog post is also another model she uses in this great video.

Regardless of what your topic is—you do not want to miss this video. You will see demonstrated, before your very eyes, exactly how you should use a visual aid in your presentations.


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