Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everyone Has a Hero

I have mine. Brian Buffini, Don Hutson and Phil Town. Armond Morin. Dan Roam. And, of course Zig Ziglar. And I have others.

But I have one more—you!

You for being here digging. For your digging for a real way to positively effect the way the world lives their lifes.

And, especially because you have figured out that having a strong visual package is an incremental part of your success. That’s why you are my number one hero.

I appreciate you, so I’m going to share with you an approach that can insure your long-term prosperity.

To do this, let me introduce you to three more of my heroes, Frank Kern, Michael Koenigs and Ryan Deiss. If you know the workings of internet marketing you probably already know who these men are.

If not, , , these are marketers at the highest level.

A little over a year ago, Kern and Koenigs introduced a crude whiteboard drawing they called their “Paid for Life” business model.

They used this hand-drawn, quickie to promote their “Paid for Life” seminar. They did the program as a fundraiser for Koenigs wife’s favorite charity. They sold out the seminar and as I remember, raised over $700,000 for the cause.

All from one simple whiteboard pitch.

These two “gentlemen” have a friend in Austin, Texas, , , Ryan Deiss. Deiss is an online marketing genius. He knows exactly what works and exactly what does not.

A few months after Kern and Koenigs did their “Paid for Life" thing, Deiss came out with a program he called the “Continuity Blueprint.” He did his pitch on the back of a napkin.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were made by all.

Friend, , , both of these visuals were very simple and easy to draw. Yet, they worked like gangbusters in the marketplace. And the good news, , , anyone can use their technique. Especially, you!

I have included my fancy version of both of their business models. But I must make this disclaimer, , , I’ve made them look prettier but I have not made them more effective.

The real reason this trio are heroes of mine is that they are using, with great effectiveness, the business model that I recommend to you, , , to insure your long-term prosperity. . .

The Continuity Approach. It can make you rich. Study it. Learn all you can from Kern, Koenigs and Deiss.

I think every public speaker should be learning about and planning to develop their own continuity program (membership site, tape of the month or newsletter, etc). Recurring income should be the goal of every deep-thinking presenter. At least, , , that’s my opinion.


P.S. Oh yes, an abbreviation glossary for Kern and Koenigs model, , ,1. IP = Information Product, 2. CGM = Customer Getting Machine, and 3. C = Continuity.

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