Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adult Learning Secrets (Part 3)

Let’s revisit Elaborative Rehearsal one more time. I said it was more than mere practice. It’s more than repetition. It’s more than a steroid approach to memory making.

It’s about connecting information. First to the Short Term Memory (STM).* Then passing it alone from the STM to the Long Term Memory. Only then can new information be recalled for use in ones work, life, relationships and substantial making a difference to mankind.

Here’s a model that will help you visualize this process.

The idea is to get the new info to the right-hand side of the model. And not let it fall through the cracks somewhere. (And there are many ways that can happen.)


* The term, Short Term Memory was changed to Working Memory by researcher, Alan Baddeley in 1974, (Baddeley and Hitch) and is now generally excepted among cognitive practitioners.

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