Saturday, January 30, 2010

Entertainment Equal Impact (Part 1)

PowerPoint? The Whiteboard? A Flipchart? Even a high-dollar multimedia-media extravaganza? How effective are these commonly used medium? Really?

(I have my ideas.) Used correctly, in the right framework and any of these can boost your audiences understanding of your message many fold.

Are there better visual media than the ones listed above?

Yep! The Entertainment Media!

I will list four of them for you today and as time goes by, I'll discuss them each individually!

1. Comedy! Ninety percent of all presenters can vastly improve their up front performance through a new and tactical use of added humor in their speech or presentation.

Volumes have been written on the subject of using humor in public speaking, but to little of it has been read and applied. In the future we'll dig more deeply into how to go about doing this.

2. Ventriloquism. The sky in the limit for any presenter, in this category, , , and you don't have to be a Terry Fator to do it.

But, , , this skill does take a lot of work for most people who attempt it. The most important elements are dedication and then lots and lots of practice.

It is difficult to measure the learning impact of a good ventriloquist aided presentation.

3. Magic. Of the four methods mentioned in this article, magic is probably the easiest one to learn and apply to your presentation. In a future post, I'll cover the simple "first steps" to mastering the use of magic in your speaking.

4. Music. Readers of already know that I am very high on the use of hand-drawn visual aids and storytelling as "the best visuals you will ever use."

But, in my heart, I readily concede that music is the ultimate visual aid, , , and in a few days I'll explain exactly why it is so.

David Pogue is the technology editor of The New York Times. He is also a prolific speaker on technology and how it interfaces with real life and work.

He plays the piano (average). Sings (below average). And, he writes his own material (better than average). Put it all together, and he gives a very entertaining and educational speech. You won't want to miss his stuff. I hope you enjoyed his video (above).


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