Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who's the Best?

Some people ask me who I think is the best speaker or presenter in the world today. Well, there’s one I like best when it comes to actual monetary results. And, one I think is the funniest. And, one that I think is the most inspirational, and so on.

But when “push” comes to “shove,” my gut instinct goes to the dean of Value Selling, Don Hutson.

Almost every week of the world, he heads out to three or four more Fortune 500 type companies to spread his wisdom to eager and intelligent audiences, , , and he has been doing it for over three decades now. (I first heard him in 1975.)

There’s no one better on Planet Earth at what he does.

You can watch him perform at his website, http://www.donhutson.com/media/ by clicking onto the "Selling Value" link.

Recently, he sent out his “New Year’s” email article, titled, The Power, Pitfalls and Potential of Resolutions. It’s a “must read” for any forward-thinking person.

Click on the title above, and access a PDF version of this incredible article.

Above is a visual aid I created to help you understand and pass-on the valuable principles Mr. Hutson teaches.


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