Monday, January 11, 2010

What's Coming Up

First, Janurary 14, I'm going into the hospital for some surgery. I hope it doesn't lay me up very long.

You know my posting pattern, , , a new one ever other day. I'll try to keep 'em coming but I might not be able to. So keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thank You!

Second, I have already begun a series of posts, giving you a visual aid idea you can use in your very next presentation, speech or publication. The first concept was the use of Venn Circle Models.

And also, you have been introduced to my own exclusive PowerPoint technique I call the Simulator. In it, you can simulate your actual drawing process on a legal pad using the drawing and animation elements found in PowerPoint.

(My last post was a static slide, but I've hooked up many of these types of presentations using the animation features in PPT.)

They works well when you are simulating your "live drawing" via. a PowerPoint projected image. Simply click your way through each animation as you speak.

I have developed some hand-drawn elements as a sort of templete presentation, , , and I'm going to make them downloadable to you, one way or another.

Because PowerPoint files are a little bulky, I may have to link them to you one slide at a time.

What follows here is a bit of an experiment.

I'm going to try to make available to you the "legal pad background" I used in my last post.

(It's a mess doing these things when you only know three things about a computer, , , PPT, MS Publisher, and how to email. Oh yes, I'm learning Blogger.)

Be patient with me. I'll figure it out.


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