Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adult Learning Secrets (Part 2)

Some time ago, about the adult learning principle of elaborative rehearsal. I listed five tips you could pass on to your audiences so they could optimize the impact of your message in their life and learning.

Today I’m going to finish that list by adding three more ways your people can enhance your message in their mind. These three tips will help them recall and use your information much more effectively.

Plan for Implementation. Your learners may ask, “Will this idea work in my world?” If the answer is “yes” or even “maybe” ask them to make up a story of how it would go down.

Optimism is everything. Without instilling it into their thinking, even good plans will not work. Help them to “expect” your message to work.

Visual Imagery. Ask them how they picture their above plan to work? What images do they hold in their minds? What symbols might stick in their thinking.

Help them to compare the new idea with former ideas.

It helps to lead them into a “What if, , ,” game.

And, of course, give them a good visual aid that shows them exactly where they are going.

Deeper Processing. Once your audience has had a chance to get their mind around your principles, , , and study them for some time, , , and ponder them over and over, they will take on a completely different structure, , , whether they work or not.

This deeper level of learning will either confirm or reject the ideas you have presented.

More adult learning ideas in the future.


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