Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Open Letter to All Presenters

I write to a very, very large audience—every person who chooses to get up front, speak and then answer for the results of that presentation. I suppose that’s a few million, in America, alone.

They tell us that former president, Bill Clinton is the highest paid speakers in the country. He is on one end of the scale.

On the other end of the scale is a whole new crop of middle-schoolers who are making their very first oral book report. Most of them are scared to death of the assignment.

But, within that great group of students there is a “chosen few” who think of the experience as, “this is pretty cool stuff.” And further think, “I’d like to do this again.”

Between the extremes of a former president and the “wanna be speaker kids,” is that unique portion of our population to which you and I belong. Like I say, a few million of us.

My grand goal is reach them all. (So I need your help.)

This group is a diverse one.

From rank amateur to polished, and prosperous professional or millionaire celebrity. All levels of experience, confidence and credibility are included. Some are in business. Some in education. And, some public service. There’s the preacher, the politician, and the performer. And the list goes on.

What All Presenters Have in Common
First, you have identified public speaking as your way to make a difference in your world.

Second, it is not enough for you to get up front and do your thing. You want to be a change agent. You desire strongly to have your ideas accepted.

Another thing that drives you, , , the overwhelming need for constant improvement. You are always hunting ways to move your presentation skills to the next level and beyond.

How to Make a Difference
And meet most of your other goals. Build a life-changing topic and have it driven home by a powerful visual aid.

To my knowledge, no one else of Planet Earth teaches this principle as a major part of speaking success. My friend, , , get yourself a hot topic and a simple, easy to understand Theme Model and you are on your way.

And so, it doesn’t matter where you fit on the spectrum.

Even if you have a name like Antion, Blanchard, Collins, Fripp, Gleeck, Kiyosaki, or Roam—you need to know how to create a strong model for everyone of your speeches.

So join me now! Nowhere online or offline can will you find so much quality information at so little cost (free) about developing this vital skill.

All I ask, , , is for you to tell all your “speaker type” friends about


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