Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Quick Can You Sell a Book?

My friend Ryan Hightower and I are setting here in Paradise Bakery, in Phoenix, AZ. Ryan is then author of  the ULTIMATE CRAIGSLIST GUIDE ...

We shot a 19 second movie on his little Kadak zi8 camcorder and uploaded it to YouTube.com.  By the time I had finished my next cup of coffee, Ryan received a comment in his inbox, "I saw your video on YouTube and am buying your book, sounds like a great  book!"

Moral of this story?  Make More Videos!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Millionaire Messenger, Brendon Burchard Quotation Slideshow

The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice, by Brendon Burchard gives me the unique opportunity to present a very special slideshow.  On the very day that Borders Book Stores announced it's bankruptcy, Burchard reached three of the four major best-sellers lists with The Millionaire Messenger.

His contribution to the "expert industry" has brought him from obscurity to best-seller status on not one but two books.  If you aspire to sell information online, , , about anything, then give this slideshow a listen and then buy this book.

Enough Said!

Wayne Kronz

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Single Visual Aid Method

Introducing: The Single Visual Aid Method

It suggest that the most effective use of visual aids is a single visual aid presented on a single frame. And there’s little difference if it’s on a PowerPoint slide or drawn free-hand on a flip chart or whiteboard.

The “single visual” approach to public speaking, presenting and writing is not just my own idea. History and hundreds of world-class presenters proves its value.

Over the last 60 years, great thinkers and presenters have successfully used this untaught principle to shape our culture with this “single model” approach.

I’m going to list a dozen of them right here. And I hope that you’ll catch on to how important this proven technique should be to every one who speaks, teaches or writes.

They Have Changed the World
Here’s my starter list of world-class experts with their “culture changing visual aids ”*
Abraham Maslows’, Hierarchy of Human Needs
The Transactional Analysis movements’, 3 circle, PAC model
Theodore Levitts’, The Product Life Cycle
Boston Consulting Groups’, Barnyard Matrix
The Myers Briggs’ Type Indicator, 16 square matrix
The USDAs’, Food Group model
Michael Porters’, Five Competitive Forces Model
Stephen Coveys’, First Things First matrix
Robert Kiyosakis’, EBSI financial model
Seth Godins’, The Dip Model
John Kotters’, Management-Leadership Matrix
Chris Andersons’, The Long Tail model

My friend, every one of these are people (or groups) have profoundly effected how our world thinks. And they have “powered” their messages with the visual aids they have use.  And, I have over 400 such graphics in my files. It’s a collection that spans over 50 years of thinking and presenting.

The Good News
These are not the ideas or methods of a bunch of “cubical dwellers.” Most of these people have (or have had) huge and prosperous speaking, consulting and writing careers.

Now the good news!

These people do not have a monopoly of the “single visual” method. Every speaker, great and small, can use this technique.

It makes no difference whether you are in a freshman speech class or a world-famous celebrity adding to their arsenal of up-front skills.

I call this time-tested, career-elevating method, Theme Model speaking, much like a theme statement for an academic paper, or theatrical production. Or, a visual version of a written theme statement.

And, there’s a whole seminar on the topic called How to Draw Your Message for Fun and Huge Profit.

For now, simply hook the Theme Model idea up with the twelve visual aids listed in this article and your presenting can take a giant leap forward, beginning with your very next speech.

* If you want to view all of the visual aids referenced here, do a Google or Google Images search on these world-class experts listed here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Daily Carrot Principle, By Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

Says review writer, Cynthia Hanevy, “I just started reading The Daily Carrot Principle: 365 Ways to Enhance Your Career and Life and I like it. It's a quick read-crisp, clear and fun. The Daily Carrot Principle is organized to be read a page a day for one year.”

And I say “Here are some really practical principles you can quote,” citing this edible little book, and your audience will love you.

Again Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton have done an awesome job.

Here’s my latest quotation slideshow set around morgueFile.com beautiful stairways.



Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weaving Dreams, Tami Longaberger

Very quotable! That’s Tami Longaberger’s new book, Weaving Dreams: The Joy of Work, The Love of Life.

On her Facebook page she writes, "My goal in writing Weaving Dreams was not only to open the door to Longaberger's past, but also to open my heart and share with readers the unique stories of my personal journey, thoughts and life lessons gained from pursuing my own 'American Dream.' I can't wait for you to read these stores and discover how I maintain a joy for life. I hope this book will be one that prompts self-reflection in your life and offers encouragement each day."

Again presenter friend of mine, , , step up to the power of using current quotations in your speeches and presentations.

And this book is the place to start. It’s material any speaker can use with great effectiveness.

So here’s a quotation slideshow to taste the good advise Longaberger writes.



Friday, October 22, 2010

The On-Demand Brand, Rick Mathison

Here is a book, The On-Demand Brand: 10 Rules for Digital Marketing Success in an Anytime, Everywhere World by Rick Mathieson, I want to give a lot more attention to.  It's about branding!  And I'm about up to my eyeballs with all the publishing effort thrown at the topic.  You too?

So much of the print about branding is about adapting strategies and tactics of giant corporations and products like Nike, Snickers, Coke, Big Mac and Sony to small, struggling businesses and solo operators.

I see branding as a much simplier thing.  To me (and Mathieson), it's a matter of you telling your story to the right people who would buy your product or, more importantly, You.

We all have a story, , , find it, , , and tell it to the right people.  And they'll love you for it.



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go-Givers Sell More, Bob Burg and John David Mann

Public speakers, , , here are some very quotable quotations.  Here in this slideshow I have included about 25, , , but this little framebreaking book is packed full of them.

Little, highly credible trueisms that will captivate your audiences and drive home your message.  So pick up a copy of Go-Givers Sell More Bob Burg and John David Mann's book today. Just one of these nuggets plugged into your next presentation can put you over the top with your audience.