Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teaching Those You Teach

Presenting your message is not enough. If you are highly achieving presenter, you'll take a big part in helping your people learn what you are presenting.

Here are five ways you can help your audience receive your message more effectively.

1. Proper Note Taking. For a learners notes to help maximize one's memory, it is important that a learner is able to record the speakers ideas in their own words.

Help them as you go alone with comments like, "you'll want to write this down," "this will be point two," and my favorite, "this one will be on the test." (Even if it ain't so.)

2. Paraphrasing. This is like the above note taking, except that care is given to the actual words the note taker uses. Ideally, the words the learner replaces of the speaker's with has equal or added meaning to the learner.

3. Predicting. It will help a listener to project a speakers message into the future.

This "projection" allows a person to simulate the material they are learning in the theater of their mind.

4. Questioning. A good Q and A will help your audience learn your principles much better. Challenge your audience to come up with creative and meaningful questions, , , and then dig into answering them.

The quantity and quality of the questions brought forward by your audience members will go a long way toward a productive and collaborative learning session.

5. Summarizing. This much talked about concept is seldom used in most learning environments. Plan a specific, "Now what did we learn here today?"

Merely presenting your material is not enough. Helping your people in the listening and learning process is imperative if you want maximize your message to those who come to hear you present.


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