Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's a 30 Minute Infomercial Look Like?

A couple of days ago, I presented the idea of producing an information product that could be sold on a network tv infomercial. It's a pretty "way out" concept.
They are very complex to produce. And the whole idea is very costly. Say $250,000 for starters, and up from there.

Plus, once on the air, there is no guarantee that you'll ever make a dime. Most infomercial people say that unless you have a good "Back End" of residual products, you'll never make it.

"So why am I still talking about infomercials to a bunch of amateur public speakers?"

Because, once you begin to understand this marketing process, and how it will easily flip from network tv to the internet, , , do you see what the small-timer can do.

Today I am posting my little "simulator" model called What's a 30 Minute Infomercial Look Like?

In this simple blueprint for a network infomercial, I reveal for the first time that most 30 infomercials are actually three equal segments, each with their own Call to Action. It's like three little infomercials, back to back to back.

And all less than 10 minutes long.

What makes the 10 minute thing so important? Because that's exactly the limit of a YouTube.com and other free video hosting services will provide. In theory, you could test a network infomercial by posting all three segments as three different YouTube programs.

In reality the beginning public speaker could shoot and post three little 9 minute sessions and embed them into a blog or website and they would be up and running, , , any you've not spent a dime.

Anyhow, , , watch this little program. I hope it gets your wheels turning.


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