Saturday, March 27, 2010

Become a Real Estate Millionaire

Become a Real Estate Millionaire, by Dean Graziosi is a book cut from a different cloth. It is sold, primarily, on late night television infomercials. "Why do I mention this?"
Because I think every producer of information products should be aware of what is selling via. infomercial.

And because it can be quite profitable to sell a good information product as an infomercial product. Generally, we think of infomercial products as being exercise equipment, household appliances, and cosmetics, etc.

But books and courses can also be hot items on the late night circuit.

And Dean's book is just that.

You are a speaker slash writer! Yes? Just for fun, play like your topic has become a book and how it might sell on an infomercial. Maybe even write up a little infomercial for it. You'd be the spokes person! Get some testimonials for it. Put together some attractive little offer. And so forth.

Sound like fun?

But you're not finished yet.

Now video tape your little show. Upload it to Who knows, maybe you are the next Carlton Sheets, Kevin Trudeau, or Dean Graziosi.

Now there is a lot more to it all than these simple steps, , , but the whole idea of producing an infomercial product would always be on your mind.

Here's my latest Quotations Slideshow to help you sample Dean's remarkable book.


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