Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dad's Two Most Important Principles of Public Speaking

My daughter, Angel Kronz is taking a communication class in college. We discussed a writing project she was working on that was based on a particular resource article. I made the following comments to her.

“What matters most is that when you make your presentations; apply Dads' Two Most Important Principles of Public Speaking,

"One: Love your audience. Without a genuine appreciation for them and an authentic awareness of who they are and where they are going, your speech will be just so many words. And love is not even on their list.

"Two: Connect the unknown (your message) with the known (what they already know). And you can do it many ways as you suggested in your comment.

"Remember this about visual aids, (or storytelling or anything else you might do when you’re up front) you don't use a visual aid (etc.) just to be using a visual aid. You use them to establish a connection between your message and what your listener already has fixed in their mind.”

This was my advice to my own daughter, , , and it holds for all who present, every speaker, at any level of performance, on any topic.

Dad, Wayne

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