Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jim Barber and Seville

A recent theme of this blog is what I called, Entertainment Media.

Included in that list of possibilities was ventriloquism. I suggested that for a select group of people, this form of artistry could have tremendous visual value to your audience.

I did two or three posts and Steve Axtell commented, , , Thanks Steve for your insight. In addition to practicing this fine craft, he manufactures custom partners and puppets for other ventriloquist. Visit his website at http://www.axtell.com/

Today, to close out this little theme, I have a YouTube.com clip of Jim Barber and Seville from the Letterman Show. I show this to you to help you expand your thinking.




  1. Thank you Wayne... as an entertainer and marketing professional, I was thrilled to see you selected my appearance on Letterman for your article. I am enjoying your other posts as well.

    Best always, Jim Barber

  2. Thank you Jim, , , You're the best.