Saturday, March 20, 2010

Speaking Tips from David Meerman Scott

A few days ago, I posted an interview of David Meerman Scott, done by Greg Jarboe.

This little post is about what every speaker should be doing with every post I bring to you; learn.

First, David mentioned that he does a lot of speaking around the world. At this, every speakers ears should perk up. I’m sure yours did.

Second, he says that he likes to collect success stories.

My friend, , , this is one hot tip for any public speaker, at any level of development, especially the beginning and intermediate presenter.

Do you have your Success Story notebook? Do you keep a journal of such stories? Are you always looking for dramatic case studies? This kind of material as impossible to beat.

Third, he tells us his story about the Singapore Tattoo Show promotion. And he captivates your interest with it.

And you learn valuable principles you can adapt to your career form has fancy little yarn.


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