Monday, May 24, 2010

Public Speakers 5 Biggest Questions, Part Two

I do not want to over-simplify these five riddles, but I’m about to offer you one solution for all of these five, very different problems.

It might be called “Wayne’s Super Fix.”

It’s a commanding use of one Theme Model for your topic, speech or presentation. Not a big lofty, 50 slide presentation.

We’ll start at the top; Stage Fright? There’s a lot of advice out there but no one will tell you this fix.

Develop a strong Theme Model for your presentation, then don’t speak or present, , , just talk about your masterpiece. It’s your baby, , , something that no one has every seen or heard of before.

Tell them about how you discovered all of its elements, who helped you organize them, what the critical point(s) are and how your pattern works in real life, etc.

You’ll knock their socks off, even it you stumble all over the place. Guaranteed!

Red-Hot Topic? Get a subject you can draw in one frame, , , one that you can turn into a powerful Theme Model and you are home free.

Speak Without Notes?
Just use your new-found way of curbing stage fright. Talk about your Theme Model.

Toastmasters to Profitable Career? Tell people about your Theme Model. In your TM speeches, in your TM club, have your TM buds promote you, in your blog (if I can set-up one, anyone can), website, Twitter, Squidoo, Facebook and the lists goes on.

You can write articles about it online and offline. The secret is that you have something (your Theme Model) to promote, so use it every way you can.

Beating Out the Big Boys and Girls? To do that you’re going need some kind of an advantage on them, , , and you do! Your Theme Model.

That Theme Model of yours is a visual aid, usually with from three to seven elements that embodies your whole presentations. And it will set you apart and above those speakers who don't have such an effective tool. It will be what puts you ahead of the pack.


P.S. Heart model from . Click on diagram of the heart to enlarge.

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