Monday, May 10, 2010

Information Design, Wayne Kronz, Part One

It’s a new world out there, like it or not. Many say there is a new profession budding: The Information Designer.

I have broken this post into two parts. But the whole musical model is included with this post.

This new field is defined as people who prepare information so it can be used by its users with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

To help you understand this huge arena, I have prepared a three part musical model. Follow alone with me, , , this is material every presenter should be aware of.

1. Right Info. (It seems to me. this is a given.) First it should be needed information. All to many publications include a lot of extra information, data and/or fluff.

This is where writing and editing play such a huge part. And there is a lot more to this idea.

2. Right Form. This is where the Graphic Designer comes in. And all to often, they muddy the water rather than make communication really clear.

(*But how are we going to put it in the “right form?” More on that latter.)

3. Right People. You don’t prepare information the same way for children as you do for seniors. Or lawyers and single mothers. This is where knowing your audience is so critical.

4. Right Place. It matters not that information is polished to perfection, if it is not accessible to the people who need it, when they need it, , , and this is all a part of the total information design process.

5. Easy, Natural and Pleasant. All of the information being prepared must be done in a way that the user finds their whole experience easy, natural and pleasant.

I’ll go a step further and say that traveling, studying, learning and entertainment should be fun. And that, because of the information's design.

6. Efficiency. This has to do with how little effort the user has to apply to get the benefit of the information. The fewest number of words that have to be read, the fewest number of signs or the streamline-ness of a software platform.

7. Effectiveness. Effectiveness is the watch-word of good information design. It’s all about the users experience in processing the information and accomplishing their end goals.

In part two of this article, I will presented eight views of such a pleasant user experience. Plus how to accomplish success as an Information Designer.


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