Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Makepeace Graphic Design 101, Clayton Makepeace

Recently, I’ve been writing about the new profession of Information Designer. (And, you are one of them, if your speak, present or in any way offer information to any kind of an audience.)
In this profession, you deal with words and images! And you add much focused effort to insure that those words and images have the greatest positive effect on your audiences.

And, in this profession, formatting is a big deal. Well-formatted material can vastly improve the effectiveness of your message.

If formatting information is new to you, there is one best place to learn the most, the quickest. It’s Clayton Makepeaces’ blog post entitled Direct Marketing Graphic Design 101 .

Print it out and three-hole punch it and put it in your Secret Hot Ideas Notebook.

(You do have one, don’t you?)

To help you see the very practical things you’ll learn, I have created a quotation slideshow. Enjoy it and learn from it, , , and watch it often. And tell people about it.


P.S. Though Clayton is a “back-east-er” to me, I have set his quotations over morguefile.com images of (southwestern) cactus. I did so for a particular reason. To allow you to learn a couple of things about me.

As you watch and re-watch this slideshow, pay close attention to the landscape in the first three slides.

This environment has made a unique contribution to my life and who I am as a person, , , and I’ll post the story in a few days.

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