Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PowerPoint Connection, Wayne Kronz

Recently I wrote a post about three connections every presenter must make for public speaking success. Speaker to Audience, Message to Audience, and Known to Unknown.

Today, let's look further into the "connection concept." I am interested in this idea concerning the use of PowerPoint.

If you use PowerPoint a lot and you want to increase the impact of your presentations consider this. . .

Every chart you use.

Every quotation you site.

Every bullet point statement you make.

Every key word. Every image. Every question you ask.

Every single element of your presentation.

"Will this connect to my audience?" "Really?"

If it doesn't have a "magnetic force" about it, dis-card it. Your presentation simply does not need the "fluff."

It make no difference whether it's a word, sentence, chart, illustration or image.

Connection is everything. People will not go to sleep if they are connected. If they are not,
the heads will not.

So constantly be asking yourself the question--"Will this connect with my audience?”


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