Monday, May 31, 2010

The 11th Fatal Flaw of PowerPoint (And How to Fix It), Wayne Kronz

This is the second in my series of Six-Slide PowerPoint presentations. It's a continuation of the first presentation, and is based on my own experience with and observation of the use PowerPoint as a teaching tool.

"The 11th Fatal Flaw, , ," springs from a great fault of most teachers (who use PPT). That fault; trying to teach too much material in any one session.

As a student of Cognitive Load research and teaching, I firmly believe that the mental capicity of the typical adult learner is far to limited to digest 30 slides of material in any given hour of instruction.

And for those who disagree with me, , , go ahead and try to cram all that stuff in your students brain and you'll wind up teaching them very little or nothing.

Simply put, , , PowerPoint was never intended to be used as a teaching tool. It was designed for corporate presentations, , , but has since been "adapted" for the classroom.

This six-slide slideshow is to show you exactly who we teachers should be using PPT as a teaching tool.

The theme of this show and its' supporting points can easily be expanded into a full-hour lecture, , , and if you really drove home the "Schema Point" in that time, you would have have had a successful session.


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