Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Ohio, It's Greg Clement

Yep, in Ohio, it's Greg Clement! He's the guru of "short sales" and forclosure marketing. And an excellent teacher of the techniques real estate agents can use to do what he has done. But, he and his group have become experts in another field, , , online marketing. So expert that they have now developed a way to teach others what they are doing to help them make money online.

As part of their promotion, Greg did a video called "Passive Income Models." For a few days you can view his presentation at .

Here is my vesrsion of Clements' model.



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  2. I am just wondering why the need to close offers down. If this system is legitimate I should not have to wait to see a presentation and be given 55 minutes to make a decision.
    Upon research throught the Better Business Bureau I find another website that says to wait until after noon tomorrow to purchase and I will get even more bonuses. In that website the author states that he personally know Greg. Funny... b/c according to the Better Business Bureau this web site is owned by Greg's company.
    The shame of it is... I am looking at two franchises. I am keeping my eyes open to a system that will do what I need. Greg's system appears to offer most of what I need. The fact that he does not respect his prospective customer's need to do their due diligence does not sit well with me.

  3. Imelda and Shawn, , ,

    Regarding the link I provided for Greg's product, I'm sorry that it reads "Closed."

    I do know that Greg is very much into the Product Launch concept, where a product is released for only a few days and then taken off of the market. Jeff Walker created this highly effective method of marketing. (He is a partner with Greg on some information products.)

    Here's a link to Gregs latest product. I don't know how long this video will be up. I'm confident he will be taking it down soon.

    Thanks for your comments.