Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Coalition for Change, John Kotter

A few days ago, I gave you from the book, The Communication Problem Solver: Simple Tools and Techniques for Busy Managers by Nannette Rundle Carroll, a little visual aid that shows you how to overcome many of your communication problems,

It’s a three step model.

I am a great fan of a three step process. As a public speaker, you should always be trying to reduce your message to its’ simplest form, , , and it doesn’t get much smaller than three steps.
Today I have created a similar three step process from the three concepts John Kotter presents on page 66 of his book, Leading Change.

It is one you might find helpful in your current speaking activities. This model can be played and advanced by your click of the double-forward button on the Slideboom control bar.


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