Friday, April 2, 2010

Your 6 Month Plan, by Wayne Kronz

This article and the model I use are loosely based on the work on famed business consultant, Paul Lemberg and his theme, The Formula Five Business Model. It is not my place to steal his thunder, but rather to apply some of the universal business growth principles he teaches to budding and intermediate teachers, trainers, public speakers and information marketers businesses.

And to promote the expertise of Mr. Lemberg.

If success is in your telescope, go to his website and read all the free articles he has posted and look into using his products and services. You can’t go wrong.

Consider the eight square matrix model you have before.

Your Early Phases. The bottom four squares represent your stages of your beginning. The top four squares represent your areas of expectations, in terms of growth.

The implication of this visual is that most aspiring public speaker types, like yourself, do not achieve their expectations during, say, the first year and one half in business.

Actually, the time frame overlay is not as important to this model as the trends it represents. You may have been in your consulting business five years, , , but you are still lingering in the bottom row on squares.

Your activity might be described as, Start, Growth or Momentum, depending upon how you are doing.

Your Break-Out. The idea is to have a break-out. A time when you, literally double your business. Lemberg’s Formula 5 model suggests that you can do just that, , , if and only it, you take the strategic steps to do so.

The idea is to turn the growth line upward. From “horizontal” to “vertical”, , , or to gain a pattern of exponential growth. It’s called X Growth in my model.

This can clearly be seen in the first part of this model.

Not a Two-Year Plan, , , but a Six-Month Plan. Another implication of this two-part model is that exponential success need not wait for two (or more) full years. It’s not always time that is needed for you to go “over-the-top.”

But it will always take some, defined strategies to have your “breakout." And so we move to the second phase of your business development, your six-month plan.

1. Your Facebook, Twitter Driven Blog. It is one thing to have a blog. Almost every public speaker has one.

But it is quite another thing to have one that is receiving additional traffic from your Facebook and Twitter pages that are specifically designed to drive traffic to your blog.

This six month project is broken up five parts, , , each one about a month from the start of this period. So you’ve got a little time to get our Facebook (for your business) and Twitter pages set up.

In this blog, I have included books and resources to help you in this task.

2. 15 Press Releases. The second month you’ll be concentrating on getting the news out about all the exciting things you are writing about on your blog, your speaking, your consulting, your product development, , , and elsewhere.

Fifteen is about an average of one every other day, , , and then, of course, getting them posted on both free and fee based PR websites.

3. 15 Articles. Some say article writing is the best free source of traffic on the world wide web. I use them and I know they work.

Again, 15 articles is a moderate pace to work, , , one every other day. This will be your “third months work.”

But here you only needed to post them one place;

4. Your New Over the Top “Visual” Centered Product. With almost 100 posts on you should be beginning to learn how to ampify your message with a strong visual presentation.

Now you have a month to develop a powerful visually-driven speech, and then video-tape it so you have your “easy to make” frame-breaking product.

You’ll be launching this product (and associated material) at the close of your “6 month” period.

5. 15 Videos. Now this is the fun month. Make 15 videos of free information for your prospects and customers. And, again, that’s one every other day, , , not to demanding of a schedule.

You start with 5 to 10 minute (talking head) videos posting them on And then continue to post them all on other free online video hosting sites (around 30 of them).

At the end of this intense six month period, Lemberg says that you should be able to double your revenue, , , if you can show a 15% income increase from each incremental project you execute.

By the time you have been through these five phases, you’ll be ready to launch your new Over the Top Product.

Best of luck to you, and I’ll be talking more about how the graphics you learn here on will help you achieve your goals.


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