Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Sense of Urgency, by John P. Kotter

Harvard Business School professor, John P. Kotter is one of the world's leading authorities on leadership and change. His latest book, A Sense of Urgency, approaches his two signature topics in a new and more critical way.

He has concluded that there is a great fall off in urgency in business.

And that this lessened degree on urgency among leaders is making it more difficult to deal with the problems of doing business it the 2010's and beyond.

Kotter has identified a series of twelve (12) factors necessary for leadership to be able to begin new urgency and action it their organization.

Because twelve elements are too many for most adults to manage in their own thinking, I have developed a "color coded" process model (or Method Map) to help you and your audiences understand his principles.

Though presented in under a minute here, this content could easily be a one hour (or longer) lecture.

What I have done here is use the old "fish bone" approach in a more formal way to illustrate four "back bone" ideas, supported by two additional points each.

This is a technique I call a "Table of Contents" model. Such many-elemented, complex graphics can be created to support a over-all theme, book, seminar or conference, etc.

Let me know how this visual aid works in your own thinking and speaking.


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