Thursday, April 8, 2010

Linchpin, Seth Godin

Let's talk writing style. After all, this is a blog you are reading. And, let's not talk about my writing style (much). I am not a good writer and I know it. But I aspire to be. And I'll keep on working on it until I leave Ol' Mother Earth.
I like to read. That's how I've learned what little I know about the craft of writing. Back in "pre-www days," I used to keep from five to seven books checked out of the library at all times. Now days, behind my blogging time, I like to spend time at the local Barnes and Noble book store.

Of all of the thousands of authors I've read and scanned, there are three that stand out to me as a model for my writing style. They are, , ,

Max DePree, Rick Warren and Seth Godin.

I'll not list their books here, except for the one I'm featuring today. Seth Godins, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? It is the source for my latest quotation slideshow.

"These three? Why do they stand out to you, Wayne?"

Because they know how to deliver the most profound truths with the simplest words, , , they use words everyone uses every day. Little bitty words and great big, huge principles! I love 'em.

And so do most readers, , , for sure, blog readers.

(But, all to often, I screw up and get all wordy and many-syllablish. Forgive me!)

And so here is Seth's latest, , , Linchpin, , , it's profound. When you speak, there are always quotations from this meaty little book you can use.

Included is what I would call the "quote of the year." Every speaker, speaking on any subject, can use it in their very next presentation. It is pertaniant to us all.

"Yesterdays remarkable is today's really good and tomorrow's mediocre." p. 25



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