Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wayne's Innovation Method, Wayne Kronz

Back on March 26, 2010 I did a post titled, How Wayne Prepares to Speak. Several people have asked me to produce other ideas of mine in "musical model form."
I often speak about my approach to innovation. It is one of my favorite topics. So here's a musical model called, Wayne's Innovation Method.

And it is one thing I am known for, , , from several venues; the custom home industry, graphic design (apart from visual aids and public speaking) and of course the latter. Without bragging, I can confidently say, "I am a highly creative person."

Rarely have I every been challenged to "come up with something" that I haven't been able to deliver.

I've read many books on the subject and I have to say that my approach is definitely different than most.

So I've created a musical model to illustrate my method. (Or, at least, the way I most often go about it.) Follow along.

1. It starts with the basics. In every field that I work, I have gone to great effort to thoroughly understand the fundamentals of that field. The way I see it, if I'm going to cross over into the unexpected or frame breaking, I first have to start with what is already working.

2. One project, many answers. Any time I address any situation, need or problem, I always have, in my mind, creating many approaches to the project. At the bare minimum, three, , , better yet, five to ten.

In the past, I've designed many stage sets for theatrical productions. To me, every good act deserves a choice of three or four different set designs.

3. Markets. That starts with right where you are. If I design a logo for some small, start-up firm, I first have to know that it will work right here in our market or town.

Later, if it all works, I always give immediate attention as to how to duplicate it in different markets.

4. Marketing. This has to do with scaling up into many or all markets. That includes things like advertising, packaging, promotions of all sorts, including the use of the web, blogs, and online marketing. This is a huge category.

But, all along, I am considering how my basic idea may translate into major markets, even international.

5. Cross Feeding. My last secret has to do with the many different arenas in which I have extensive awareness. In this model, I refer to them here as, "A," "B," "C," and "D."

One of my most productive arenas of innovation has been it the custom home business. We'll call that, "arena A."

I am also very knowledgeable in the field of civil engineering, , , and often "borrow" approaches they use in my design of custom home features. That will be, "arena B."

My knowledge of interior design might come into play next, "arena C."

And as odd as it may sound, my understanding of consumer package design may be called into play, "arena D." I refer to this calling together of several disciplines as, "cross feeding."

Now, I will repeat the cycle several times, , , knowing that I want to generate many answers to the same riddle.


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