Wednesday, April 7, 2010

8 Viewpoints of the Visuals You Use, Wayne Kronz

Part of the my main seminar, How to Draw Your Message for Fun and Huge Profit, is a small section about the eight (8) mindsets you should have toward the visual aids you have created for your presentation. 1. First of it all, any visual aid that you create for any presentation should be considered a “model” of your message. By definition, a model is “a replica of the real thing” or “reality”.

2. Think further of your new born graphic as being the essence of what you are about to present. It’s English definition is the "basic element of anything," in concentrated form.

Such is your model to your message.

3. Your visual aid is your own private opportunity to “draw your message.” Or, to take it out of a spoken and written form and put it into a graphic form.

4. This is where you consciously think and say, “This is how it works.” It’s your actual delivery of your message to your audience.

5 and 6. For your visual message to have it’s best impact, it must, both represent the smallest detail and the big picture of what you have to say. And it is not always easy to do.

7. Think of your theme model as being your partner as your teaching tool.

8. And, last but not least, is what your visual aid is to your audience; a tool that will equip them to better and more quickly learn what you are teaching.

Bonus: It will further help them teach others what you have taught them.

So, as you create and use your visual aids in your presentation, always be aware of the powerful tool you have in your hand.


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