Friday, June 25, 2010

Maximize Your Metabolism, Christopher Guerriero

Here is a quotation slideshow from the first 28 pages of Christopher Guerriero's, book Maximize Your Metabolism: Double Your Metabolism in Thirty Days or Less.

I offer it to you, the aspiring public speaker, for a completely different reason than my typical slideshow. It has to do with the first few chapters of his content.

In general terms, I’d call it the “goal setting, mind game and motivational” part of his information book.

My point here is that it makes no difference what you are teaching, you should include just such a section in all of your information publications.

Though Guerriero’s primary topic is weight loss and health, he uses at least 28 pages just to prepare the readers mind to learn what he is teaching.

The slides in this show are in a very random order, so your application of his motivational principles will be “your own” when your write your own ebook or home study course.

Consider a few of the elements of the “mind game” you might use.

1. Goal setting, , , the mental map, , , writing them down, , , the timeline, , , short-term, long-term, , , the “success statement,” etc.

2. We are all different, , , your history, , , need to take control, , ,

3. Make a list, , , the first step, , , “next”, , , define the problem, , , the poster idea, etc.

4. The trained sub-conscious mind. . . Affirmations. . . Positive Action

5. Persistence, , , “hoping?” , , , action plans.

6. The Connection between the internal being and external environment.

7. The Experience! This is, any way you can help your learners become emotionally and/or physically involved in what your are teaching.

I hope the concepts presented in this slideshow from Christopher Guerriero quotations help you as you put your next information product together.


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