Sunday, June 13, 2010

Double Your Business in Six Months

Back on April 2, 2010, I did a post about the two-year, six month plan for your public speaking business.

I am adding one slide to that lettle three-slide show. It features the math behind Paul Lemberg's idea that if you improve one phase in your business each succeessive month by only 15%, you will double your business in those six months.

Mr. Lemberg's teaches using five phases of a typical online business. I have adapted (changed) these factors for the solo consultant, publc speaker, trainer. They are your Facebook-Twitter -Blog, activities, 15 Press Releases, 15 Ezine Articles, "A New Visual Product," and 15 Promotional Videos.

Enjoy, , ,Wayne


  1. Wayne -

    Thanks for putting the slide together - a nice kick in the butt for a Monday morning. After all, how hard can 15% be?

  2. Chas,

    My pleasure, , , that's what is all about, , , Your Success.

    Thanks! Wayne