Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dreams, from the Terri Guillemets, and

Attention all teachers and public speakers at any level, speaking on any subject. One more time I want to remind you about the value of Terri Guillemets' files. There may be larger quotation websites out there, but none organized any better for a public speaker.

The way I see it, , , every presenter should check out this site before every presentation. You simply can't find a better resource for crisp, meaningful quotations.

So I put a quotation slideshow together on the theme of Dreams. This slideshow, alone, is a great source for quotations you can use in tomorrow's speech.


P.S. If you like this show, embed it in your blog, link to it in emails and social sites, or give it a "favorite" or "thumbs up." Thank you very much!

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