Thursday, June 24, 2010

The File Cabinet Model, Wayne Kronz

Wilder Penfield was an amazing man. He was a neurosurgeon, many years before his time. His active career as a world-class brain surgeon, began in 1919 and concluded in the late ‘50’s.

He had many “claims to fame,” but two stand out, , , his work in the field of surgery for epilepsy treatment and his work in mapping the brain and where memory function is located.

Among his many findings were the three categories of memory listed in the musical model included in this post.

These three compartments of memory have huge implications for you, the presenter.

These memory functions are not located in the same areas of the brain.

As a public speaker, you can reinforce your message by presenting it in all three forms, Experiential (or story), Conceptual and in key Words.

Follow this little musical model.


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