Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Science of Reading, Snowling and Hulme

Edited by well-respected experts, The Science of Reading: A Handbook (Blackwell Handbooks of Developmental Psychology) brings together up to date and authoritative reviews of reading research. This is a multidisciplinary overview of contemporary knowledge about the science of reading and related skills.

It’s 680 pages provides comprehensive coverage of the subject.

They including theoretical approaches, reading processes, stage models of reading, cross-linguistic studies of reading, reading difficulties, the biology of reading, and reading instruction.

The volume is divided into seven sections: 1. Word Recognition Processes in Reading, 2. Learning to Read and Spell, 3. Reading Comprehension, 4. Reading in Different Languages, 5. Disorders of Reading and Spelling, 6. Biological Bases of Reading, and 7. Teaching Reading.

Margaret J. Snowling and Charles J. Hulme do an excellent job of editing this informative handbook.

I have done something different for you as I prepared my quotation slideshow. I’ve focused on the glossary. Here is great information for the communication minded public speaker and educator.


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