Thursday, August 26, 2010

My View on Poverty, Wayne Kronz

Typically, I don't get involved is social or political issues, , , but I was asked to join a group on about Fighting Poverty. So I joined the group.

But it is only fair to other members of that group (and my other followers) to express just how I view to topic. Currently there is a global movement known as Eliminate Poverty by 2015. I have reservations about that lofty goal.

These reservations are not based on my negative attitude, but on my direct involvement with recovering alcohol and drug addicts. I work with a group that endeavors to re-orient inmates getting out of jail and prison into society. The recovery rate is pathetic. And doesn't seem to be improving.

Even beyond the addictions, , , what troubles me is the lack of value of getting and maintaining a job. All to many of these people have little or no motivation to work. The dominant attitude upon leaving jail or prison seems to be, "working the system." Maybe this is just an American problem.

I just don't see how poverity can be eliminated when a significant portion of these people actually prefer to live in poverty. Or, , , at least, that's how I see it from an up close and personal vantage point.


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