Sunday, August 22, 2010

High School Drop-Outs in Americas Large Cities, by Wayne Kronz

Here is my latest Musical Model (though not very "up-beat"). It is born out of my deep concern for education at any level.

I stumbled upon* an article written by Dr. Jeffery Jones about his concern for the 70% dropout rates from high school in Americas largest cities. "Legally Pathetic" are the best words he can come up with to describe this epidemic condition.

And so that is the title of his soon to be published book. Look for it in your bookstores.

I think that it should be viewed by every public speaker, teacher, minister, youth leader and educational leader in our land. If you like this presentation, pass it along to everyone you know who world like or need this information.

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* RTIR Online, , , absolutely the best single resource for any public speaker.

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