Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome to Method Map Secrets


My name is Wayne Kronz.

In recent months, a lot has been written about the importance of process mapping and systems illustration, etc. Many who create elaborate (and expensive) home study courses (Deiss, Filsiame, Kern and Pagan, etc.) include these models and/or diagrams as part of their marketing promotions.

Or, in the actual training program, itself.

Some are included as free bonuses. And some are offered as pricey upgrades.

Any way you look at it, these, often single page documents, are a valuable asset when it comes to making any process or system work in the real world.

This reality has been validated by recent books written by Chris Anderson, Seth Godin, Jessica Hagy, Vince Poscente and Dan Roam and many others.

I specialize in the design and use of these sorts of graphics.

This blog is dedicated to showing you how I create these powerful diagrams. And then, , , I'll be passing along many of them to you absolutely Free of charge.

I'm doing this for two basic reasons, 1. to get your feedback on my methods and 2. to learn how you actually use (or have trouble using) the free documents and drawings I pass alone to you.

So if you are a public speaker, trainer, teacher, consultant or information marketer, stick close to this blog. There is going to be tons of free and useful material presented here for you.

Some will come in the form of text and image content, , , but there will also be PDF documents, videos, and flash slideshows and PowerPoint slides and presentations.

It is my goal that this simple blog becomes one of the greatest resources there is for all speakers, teachers, presenters, consultants and publishers.


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